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SAGA Age of Hannibal Rulebook

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Contains one SRB25 SAGA Age of Hannibal book with 6 card Battle Boards

NB: You will need a copy of Saga Rule Book to use this supplement 

218BC. After having declared war on her rival, Carthage, Rome watches the

Carthaginian army cross the Alps under the command of Hannibal Barca.

This invasion, which brought war to the heart of the Roman Republic was one of the

three Punic Wars, a series of conflicts between Rome and Carthage for control of the

Mediterranean basin.

He inflicted a series of humiliating defeats on his enemies - some of which live on

in the annals of military history - but sixteen years later Hannibal Barca was finally

defeated on the plains of Zama, in his homeland, by a young Roman prodigy called

Scipio Africanus.

But this war between Rome and Carthage involved many nations and cultures. Celts,

Iberians, Numidians and Italiotes all had to choose a side in the struggle between the

two colossi. And the winner of this titanic conflict would become master of Europe -

maybe even the world...


Age of Hannibal is a Saga supplement that covers the three Punic Wars between Rome and

Carthage that took place between 264 and 146 BC.